The Relationship Triumvirate

The course: An intimate 12 week course for women seeking to enhance the three most important relationships in their lives. Your relationship with: Yourself, Others, and Something Greater. The Relationship Triumvirate offers the opportunity to explore a full selection of my services, including coaching, spiritual mentoring, hypnosis, meditation, and more, through the lens of relationships.

The purpose: I have seen women of all ages expand and evolve, and shift their lives for the better through working on these three relationships.  The Relationship Triumvirate is a sacred space of women coming together to connect with each other and create a dynamic, supportive community with group coaching.

This is a sweet spot I find in my work as a coach. The commonality I find in so many of my clients, seeking depth in relationships. I am concentrating the focus and boiling it all down in this intimate group course.

During this level 1 course of the Relationship Triumvirate, you will experience a full development of yourself as an individual around the most valued relationships in your life, and all good things will inevitable follow as a result.

Included in the Course:

  • Six 1hr sessions, meeting every other week
  • Coaching processes
  • Spiritual practices
  • Live hypnosis sessions – clear subconscious patterning
  • Live meditation sessions
  • Meditation and hypnosis recordings for you to keep
  • Learn how to build your own strong meditation practice
  • Tapping exercises to enhance the learnings of each module
  • Dowsing with a pendulum
  • Breath work
  • Sound baths
  • 28 page workbook with at home assignments and contemplations
  • On-going support among the group of like-minded women via WhatsApp during the course
  • And so much more


*NEW* Additional Support Options 

Option 1: Live Group Calls (Recommended for all members)

  • Six live calls during the weeks between class sessions
  • Share your learnings, triumphs and experiences in an intimate space
  • Grow alongside the women in the course
  • 30 min. Zoom calls
  • + $125
  • Select this additional support option HERE


Option 2: 1 on 1 Sessions with Ryan 

  • Six 1:1 sessions
  • Go deeper and fast track your growth with 1:1 sessions throughout the course
  • We’ll focus on your unique circumstances, while you transform throughout the three modules
  • 30 min Zoom calls
  • + $500 (valued at $600)
  • Select this additional support option HERE


Next Offering Begins on Wednesday, October 6, 2021


5 reviews for The Relationship Triumvirate

  1. Jami (verified owner)

    Words alone can not express how much of an impact Ryan Haddon has had on me. Since the moment I met her, she has offered me guidance and advice- completely judgement free. She has shown me unlimited amounts of empathy, care, patience and time. Her demeanor is soothing and peaceful. She knows just how to encourage her clients in a comforting way, but always makes sure to convey the point she is trying to make.

    The Relationship Triumvirate course was absolutely wonderful. I loved meeting so many incredible women from all over the world. It was amazing to come together in a group forum weekly, discussing our own issues, yet ultimately listening to Ryan teach us something new. The meditations, hypnosis and mantras were so helpful and motivational. Each week I looked forward to hearing Ryan’s words of wisdom, and how I could incorporate them into my own life. I was grateful to be able to pair up with someone new every week, and I made deep connections with special women that I will cherish forever!

    I have all the confidence in the world in Ryan and I know that although she is not my “Higher Power” she is pretty damn close!

    Thank you so much for doing the Relationship Triumvirate and for everything you do for those who are lucky enough to know you Ryan! You are appreciated immensely and your journey is truly inspirational. Looking forward to see what is next up your sleeve! – Jami

  2. Judith

    For me it`s been exactly what I needed. It`s a complete package to get back on track if you feel off balance in any area of your life.

    I love the whole concept. I love the structure within the 3 modules. I love all the tools you are giving us and that there are so many tools to choose from. Everyone can choose what resonates with him/ her the best. I love the interaction and connection with the other women in the group. All my experiences were supporting and uplifting. I loved all the assignments. Especially the ones during the “Relationship to yourself” module. Sitting with myself and writing things down helped me to understand myself better and really started shifting things. I`ve learned so much during the course and even thought it`s been only 6 weeks I already feel a change within myself and my surroundings.

  3. Sue

    It’s hard to describe how brilliant this course is; it’s simply worth the leap of faith. The combination of assignments and group calls has a reinvigorating effect. I also loved learning alongside like-minded women from all over the world. I could never have imagined how one course could benefit so many aspects of my life. Ryan’s coaching throughout this course is truly a gift to yourself.

  4. A

    The Relationship Triumvirate course is a truly transformational 7 week journey for those looking to deepen their relationship to self, others and spirituality on both an individual level and in a group setting. As a teacher Ryan is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and inspirational. She brings wisdom, compassion, humour and her own life experiences to the group, creating a wonderfully warm, open and non-judgmental atmosphere. Covering a different topic each week, Ryan shares a wealth of tips and advice – from meditation techniques to book recommendations as well as guided meditations and hypnosis sessions. There is something very magical about a group of women coming together like this and I really looked forward to our weekly meditations where I would feel a powerful increase of spiritual energy within me. As a life coach, Ryan possesses a remarkable talent for inspiring her students to attain their goals and aspirations and after only a few weeks this group opened my awareness to an entirely new world of self-confidence, acceptance and unconditional joy. I couldn’t recommend this course enough!

  5. Lisa (verified owner)

    Things I loved about the Relationship Triumvirate Course:
    Connecting with women all over the world to share in this experience.
    Ryan provided so many tools each week, I feel like I have years worth to explore and yet I got exactly what I need for today.
    There was something magical about the sessions, I can’t say exactly what or how but when we were all in the session together, new understandings took root for me. In those moments, I came to understand how to relate to myself and in my relationships in a way that had only been ideas before; I suddenly got the “how” of concepts of being responsible for myself in my relationship to other and to love myself.
    The meditations and recordings became my daily practices that unearthed areas where I was withholding self-love. Each time I did one I heard where I resisted and then took action to shift that objection into loving.
    Week one vision board, I just couldn’t envision anything. By week four’s self-love hypnosis, I heard the deep desire, that feeling of knowing I belong “here” that I had put aside and by week six it was well on the way to becoming a reality. Three weeks later it is now a part of my reality. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been doing the self love hypnosis. I wouldn’t have heard the want, nor valued myself enough to take the immediate actions that I did.

    Thank you!

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