Sovereign Women Group Coaching

The Purpose: The intention of this women’s coaching group is to expand, deepen, integrate, and uplift each other through connection and insights. In this intimate group we will have bi-weekly check-ins, celebrate wins, share what we’re working on or struggling with, have fun and enjoy how far we’ve come, paving the way for more upleveling.

A theme will be announced each week. Come prepared by contemplating how that shows up in your life. How you utilize it or a definition that’s workable for you. We will unpack that in our time together.

Every session will conclude with a wrap up process: guided meditation, chakra clearing, breath work, tapping, prayer, sound bath, light hypnosis, etc to seal our time that you can practice at home between sessions. This group will also provide an intro to using a pendulum as your spiritual guide.

Included in the Course:

  • Weekly 1hr 15min Zoom session 
  • Check-ins and 1:1 coaching within the group session
  • Unpacking themes: manifesting/conscious life picture, responsibility vs. duty, fear, surrender, forgiveness, self soothing, acceptance, etc.
  • Assignments: writing, processes, meditations, hypnosis
  • WhatsApp group chat & support
  • Weekly pair ups with women to create a connection between sessions
  • A connection to like minded women
  • Recording of the session will be sent if you need to miss a class

The date of the next offering will be announced soon.
Sessions are bi-weekly at 12pm EST

This is your sacred space and a container to hold all of what you’re integrating and the business of life as it arises keeping our lens on bring in our center. Flexibility and continuity are key.



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