A.U.R.A. Healing Hypnosis

Unlock the organic memory of your consciousness/soul, with The A.U.R.A Healing Hypnosis Technique.

The Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.) is a quantum hypnosis/past life regression that is a transformative, immersive experience.

A.U.R.A. is the bridge to understanding your own multi-dimensionality, remembering how infinitely connected you are to the mysteries of the Universe. Realizing you can profoundly connect to your Higher Self/soul by accessing your own inner knowing, and being able to self-heal.

In an A.U.R.A session you are gently guided into a relaxing Theta brainwave (a naturally occurring state of mind, much like deep meditation) to step into your past/ future lives.
When we are in Theta, we access our subconscious mind and tap into the superconscious, the infinite flow of many dimensions occurring simultaneously. Through the power of your Higher Self you are able to access your Akashic Records – your own library of all your lifetimes – and travel to the places and incarnations that hold information to better know yourself.

Wherever you are led, you are able to retrieve valuable wisdom to improve and upgrade the highest timeline for your current life.

While there, you can easily remove and clear any negative imprints or impressions holding you back from moving forward in this Now.

Some of the many benefits:

  • Remembering that you are a profound soul having a human experience, carrying all the answers within you, and being guided by benevolent beings who are always supporting you from the Unseen.
  • Connecting to your Higher Self for a deeper understanding of who you are and what your current mission is.
  • Gaining powerful knowledge about your important relationships, as well as awareness around who you often travel alongside, from lifetime to lifetime.
  • An ability to ask questions about your health, abundance, purpose, your next important choice-points, or unresolved past experiences. And then receive answers from your Higher Self, who always has an expanded purview of your soul’s path.

In your A.U.R.A session, you are able to heal your own body through a body scan to  intuitively remove any negative energies, infringements, or unwanted projections from others, which we all inadvertently pick up while navigating our lives. These energetic entanglements can manifest as anchors that weigh us down, creating weakness or self-doubt, lowering physical and emotional frequency, and inhibiting happiness, creativity, or purpose.

Visit the A.U.R.A Healing Hypnosis page for more details.

***By completing the purchase of the A.U.R.A Healing Hypnosis, you are agreeing to the Client Agreements. A copy of the client agreement will be sent to you upon completion of your purchase and must be signed and returned to Ryan before your session.***



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