Hypnosis Recording: Approaching Anxieties & Stress

In this hypnosis you’ll work on accessing a place of peace and calm within yourself. You will focus on gaining access to the switches within you to achieve an internal centering. Remember you have access to all these parts of you and you are able to rise above stressful situations and focus on the greater good at any time.

I encourage you to enter this state of harmony on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and use your energy in the most efficient ways for you to envision the best results. You can do this by listening to this recording at least three times a week or anytime you feel the need to access the peace and calm within yourself.


1 review for Hypnosis Recording: Approaching Anxieties & Stress

  1. Aila

    My experience with Ryan’s hypnosis is nothing less than amazing. I have had hypnosis done in the past with other practitioners, however Ryan’s calm, clear yet firm delivery during our session (online) works very for well for me. Living in Bali allows me to meet and experience an array of professionals and healers, Ryan is gifted with a good balance of spirituality, intellect and feminine energy. Trust was instant with her. – Aila

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