The Sanjali Candle: Palo Santo + Wild Rose + Night Blooming Jasmine

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Hand poured coconut wax candle, infused with ethically sourced pure essential oils in a keepsake vessel.

Scent: Palo Santo + Wild Rose + Night Blooming Jasmine

Palo Santo: Purifies your space when burned
Wild Rose: Decreases anxiety and stress
Night Blooming Jasmine: Heart opening and balancing

Made with ethically sourced coconut wax. Renewable resource, biodegradable, and non toxic. Clean, slow burning with a powerful scent.

Burns approximately 40 hours. Recommended to burn a max 4 hour period at one time.

The Merkaba Vessel 
The Merkaba is a sacred geometric symbol that welcomes balancing energies, while connecting you to your enlightened and divine self.

Merkaba Sacred Geometry symbolizes the unity of opposites, uniting light and dark, masculine and feminine energy, while connecting you to the spiritual realm. Its tetrahedron pyramid shape is associated with our inner flame or light of life. The merkaba is one of the highest vibration geometric shapes.

When burned, the Sanjali candle ignites the merkaba on the vessel and welcomes this sacred geometry into your space, elevating your consciousness and bringing harmony and light into your life.

The mantra ”I am source, love, light” is inscribed on the lid of the vessel; a reminder to repeat this high affirmation as it slowly burns.

The Sanjali Candle has been carefully curated with purpose to purify and cleanse your sacred space, while opening and balancing the heart.


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Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 9.25 × 11.5 cm

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