The Sanjali Candle with Palo Santo + Wild Rose + Night Blooming Jasmine

The Sanjali Candle has been carefully curated with purpose to purify and cleanse your sacred space, while opening and balancing the heart.

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Scent: Palo Santo + Wild Rose + Night Blooming Jasmine

  • Palo Santo: Purifies your space when burned
  • Wild Rose: Decreases anxiety and stress
  • Night Blooming Jasmine: Heart opening and balancing


  • Infused with ethically sourced pure essential oils
  • Hand poured coconut wax
  • Renewable resource, biodegradable, and non toxic. 
  • Slow burning with a powerful scent.
  • Burns approximately 60 hours.
  • Recommended to burn a max 4 hour period at one time.

The Keepsake Merkaba Vessel 

  • Sacred geometric symbol, one of the highest vibration geometric shapes welcoming balanced energies
  • Connects you to your enlightened and divine self
  • Symbolizes the unity of opposites, uniting light and dark, masculine and feminine energy
  • Its tetrahedron pyramid shape is associated with our inner flame or light of life. 
  • When burned, the Sanjali candle ignites the merkaba on the vessel and welcomes this sacred geometry into your space, elevating your consciousness and bringing harmony and light into your life.
  • The mantra ”I am source, love, light” is inscribed on the lid of the vessel; a reminder to repeat this high affirmation as it slowly burns.


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2 reviews for The Sanjali Candle with Palo Santo + Wild Rose + Night Blooming Jasmine

  1. Tal Kasimov

    The most luxurious candle! It smells divine and the container is stunning. Its on my coffee table and I get lots of compliments

  2. Susan Saunders (verified owner)

    I love this candle! I have several and have also given them as gifts. The scent is Divine and makes any space feel dreamy and serene. I also love that Ryan sourced only the finest ingredients because so many candles out there are actually toxic and you can trust that this one is good for you!

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