E-Book: 10 Simple Ways to Fall In Love with Yourself

We’ve been conditioned to think that that wonderful feeling of being “in love” requires another person to feel it. What if you could create that same magical, all-is-right-in-the-world feeling without needing anyone else? You absolutely can, friend, and what’s more, if you fall in love with amazing you, all your other relationships around you will inevitably improve … they just do. ⁠⁠
And it doesn’t have to take years, it can happen in small ways, every day. It takes practice, intention, and patience. And the payoff is huge, game-changing, as you’ll feel happier, centered, and have an overall better outlook about everything.


  • A 31-page e-book that will guide you through 10 simple ways to fall more in love with yourself every day. Complete with opportunities to reflect on your progress with questions and challenges. A mini course designed to create big self love.
  • Anapana Meditation Recording: This Vipassana meditation is wonderfully effective in bringing you into the present moment by focusing on the breath, allowing thoughts to come and go, while continually keeping the attention on your breathing.  It calms the mind and the emotional body when you’re triggered or dysregulated. And by practicing this technique regularly, you’ll increase your capacity to stay present in your life and attentive to what’s unfolding, even in the face of full-blown distractions. When those powerful emotions or negative compulsive thoughts race, you’ll be able to observe them, rather than react to them. Over time, you’ll learn to choose your reactions consciously, rather than be controlled by perceptions and unconscious conditioning. That’s true power in the face of life’s turbulence.




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