*Rudraksha Seeds Mala

This Rudraksha Seeds Mala combines  the powerful energy of Rudraksha seeds with the soothing properties of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Pearl. Garnet 4mm beads serve as exquisite spacers, while a Silver guru bead and handmade tassel complete this  piece.


108 Bead Mala

  • An auspicious, sacred number

Rudraksha Seeds:

  • Sacred beads, among the most cherished mala beads
  • Guard against negative energies and offer protection, while ushering in peace and prosperity 
  • The naturally puckered and pitted surface of Rudraksha seeds creates a unique tactile sensation during meditation, helping to ground you in the present moment
  • Most effective when worn directly against the skin, allowing you to absorb their energies 
  • Promotes  inner peace, protection, and abundance.

Product Specifications:
Bead Size: 4mm
Finished with a red tassel

About Japa:

  • When strung with 108 beads, a sacred number, these beaded necklaces have a higher function  
  • Roll your fingers over each bead, to keep count of the 108 times you silently recite a mantra such as “Sat Nam” (I am truth) or an uplifting phrase, like “I am whole and complete” or “I am love.” 
  • The combination of doing both together keeps the mind and body occupied, while you fall into a quiet space beyond habitual thinking patterns.
  • Helps soothe your restless mind, encouraging  a meditative headspace after just one round.


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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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