Mala – Open Your Heart Carefully

108 hand knotted mala made with 8mm beads featuring: 

Smoky Quartz, and Strawberry & Berry Quartz with a large Strawberry Quartz focal stone as a Guru Bead. 

Smoky Quartz: Known as the “Stone of Power”, it is a strongly protective stone. It said to provide a vital shield against emotional and environmental stress.

Strawberry Quartz beads and Guru bead, known to amplify your intention of love, appreciation and generosity. It is also help finding emotional balance allowing the feeling of joyfulness.  

It also carries all the energies of Clear Quartz with the additional vibration of universal love. 


I have used malas since I lived in India 30 years ago. Not only are they gorgeous to wear, but these beaded necklaces have a higher function when strung with 108 beads, a sacred number. While your fingers roll over each bead, it helps you keep count of the 108 times you silently recite a mantra such as “Sat Nam” (I am truth) or an uplifting phrase, like “I am whole and complete” or “I am love.” The combination of doing both together keeps the mind and body occupied, while you fall into a quiet space beyond habitual thinking patterns.

Doing “japa” can help you soothe your restless mind, and you’ll roll right into a meditative headspace after just one round.

Trust your intuition and think about what you want to bring into focus for yourself. Then select the mala with the stone properties that support your intention.

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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2.5 cm


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