The Deep Transformation – 6 Month Commitment

The Deep TransformationVIP Package – 6 Month Commitment
14 sessions (Weekly sessions for the first 6 weeks, then sessions every other week for the remaining 8 sessions) 

Do you feel that you have everything you want, but there’s something elusive that’s missing?

Do you have self sabotaging behaviors?

Are you constantly searching to find your purpose?

Do you not feel in alignment with who you were always meant to be?

Are the relationships in your life repeatedly disappointing you? 

Do you feel a deep disconnect in your life?

Are you putting in the work, but slipping back into old thought patterns, with a scarcity mindset, and not living to your full potential?

Do you wish you had a practical, deeper connection with something greater you could lean into? 


The Deep Transformation is the program that will fully support you as you make a commitment to growth and accountability to yourself, through the lens of your patterns, your subconscious mind, and your spiritual life. We work closely together as you renegotiate how you show up in all areas of your life over this 6 month period, with a personalized and tailored approach designed for you. 

We will work with complicated and deeper lifestyle issues, exploring internal blocks that arise, and address underlying subconscious connections that involve years of habituated thinking and repetitive behaviors (low self-esteem, relationship dynamics, poverty consciousness, emotional issues, unfulfilling relationships etc.).  

Committing yourself to this 6 month transformational program will create a container within, in which you will have a deeper understanding of yourself and how you show up in your life. You will implement coaching modalities and learnings to your daily life, then live from your center, where you will feel a shift on many levels.  

Once you start changing from the inside out, with this new blueprint, your life will begin to shift alongside you, but you don’t want to slip into old habitual patterns. During this 6 month commitment, I will be there to support you through the changes, gently hold up the mirror, and provide accountability for your new way of living “life on life’s terms.”

With dedicated coaching and spiritual mentoring over the longer term, and creating a practical and meaningful spiritual daily practice, you will have a new lens through which to operate in your life. 

The hypnosis sessions will clear out any blocks in the subconscious that might get in the way, to reinforce the conscious shifts aligning you with success codes going forward. We can address deep underlying fears or phobias, weight-loss, addictions, depression, smoking cessation and compulsive behaviors that require consistent and regular hypnosis to shift into new positive behaviors and a changed lifestyle.

This VIP package includes:

  • Written assignments
  • Readings
  • Meditation and self-hypnosis instruction
  • Personalized coaching modalities
  • Spiritual processes
  • Personalized hypnosis recordings 
  • Meditation recordings 
  • Personalized spiritual guidance
  •  Full access to email communication with me between sessions 


Please contact me for pricing and registration details.


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