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I’ve had a wonderfully unique life having grown up in Toronto, New York, Paris, and Los Angeles.  At 17, I fell in love with meditation which took me to India where I discovered a life-long love of spirituality. I finished high school there, and then went on to graduate from Boston University with a degree in Journalism.  I worked as a reporter/ producer for MacNeil/Lehrer, Extra!, The Roseanne Show, and Court TV, and then transitioned into story development at a film production company.

While living in Hollywood, I began to explore my ‘shadow side,’ which led to an unmanageable addiction to drugs and alcohol, food issues, and crippling codependency/ love addiction.  I sought recovery after hitting a very real bottom, and with Grace, hard work, and a deeply committed community of like-minded people, I have had continued sobriety and recovery from everything for the last 15 years.  This path of deep healing and adopting a radical new way of living, opened me up to a deeply fulfilling daily spirituality that’s practical, exciting and ever-expanding.  I made a commitment to learning many modalities of healing myself and putting my personal growth above all else, so I could be the best mother, daughter and friend.  This led me to working with other women and helping them heal from toxic relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, low self-esteem and ultimately, lack of self-love.  I found myself becoming a mentor in these fields of recovery, assisting women in recreating their lives and thriving in them through the 12 Steps.  I had discovered a passion for helping others and being of maximum service, by passing on what I’d learned.

Several years ago, I  moved out of the hustle of city-life to a farm in Pennsylvania where I became certified as a Life and Spiritual Coach… another profound modality to guide clients in discovering the sweet spot in their lives.  Life Coaching helps reveal where someone wants to go and gives them the roadmap for getting there through some specific and proven processes.  I am also as Spiritual Mentor, who for over a decade, has been supporting clients in finding a deeply fulfilling spirituality.  I’m a Reiki Level IV Healer and a Oneness Blessing Giver.  I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist, which adds more depth to the work I do with my clients, helping them affect lasting change by working with the all-powerful subconscious mind.  Together, we uncover blocks and limiting beliefs hidden in the subconscious that have unknowingly held them back; realigning mind, body and spirit so they can move forward and manifest intentionally and with clarity of vision.


The resonant truth for me today is that I have found my own life purpose through service to others, by meeting my clients right where they are in their process, gently urging them to move closer to who they were always meant to be. It is my great privilege to work with someone and help them live their best life… and create the life they love!